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No one ever told you that finding a job is easy. The challenges start with writing a resume that you will send to the companies that have vacant positions. From the one point of view, it seems that creating a resume is easy: you just follow the structure and get the result. From another point of view, nothing is easy. When everyone follows the structure and uses the ready-made phrases, all resumes seem to be the same. Thus, an HR manager or the representative of the company who gets a cv cannot see the difference between candidates. It’s obvious that to catch their attention, you need to start with your resume.

You can always try to write a resume by yourself but if you have no experience, it will bring no results. It’s always better to rely on the help of professionals. We offer a full scope of resume writing service for everyone who is looking for a job, starting from experts who have no time for such things as writing a professional resume and up to inexperienced novices who have never written a resume before. We know how important this step is for you and we are ready to contribute to your success.

Why is professional resume so important?

Many do not understand how the resume can affect your professional life. Indeed, it affects it. This is the only way you can reach the companies that may be interested in your candidature. This is the first thing they get from you and you must use this chance to create a proper first impression.

There are many rules that should be obeyed when creating a resume that any resume writer knows about. For example, you should never lie, especially when telling about your skills and previous experience. The matter is that this information can easily be checked and if someone finds out that you are lying, you won’t get a chance to prove that you deserve the position. Also, your resume should be well-structured.

This is perhaps the most complicated point for most of the applicants. The matter is that there are many approaches to presenting the basic information about yourself and these approaches may differ, for example, depending on the job you want to apply for. With professional resume service, you will cover the most important info and do that in the best way.

There is a huge difference between the resume of an amateur and the resume of a professional. Here, we do not even speak about the difference in experience and skill. Here, we are more focused on the way the information is presented. Structure, content, references – everything is equally important and our RabbitResumes.com experts know how to present this information properly.

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What does resume writing service mean?

If you have never ordered this kind of service before, you probably want to know what you will get. Resume writing service includes all aspects starting from the investigation of the industry and up to the organization of all information according to a proper structure.

Prior to writing your resume, our resume service experts first check the industry where you want to work. The matter is that the approaches are different and the resume that will perfectly suit the finance industry, will be useless for IT. While checking, we pay attention to such details as:

  • the structure of the resumes of the candidates
  • the information they include
  • the skills and personal characteristics that are important

Additionally, our Rabbit Resumes experts check related vacancies to find out what the employers want. The matter is that in many cases not all the requirements are indicated. Thus, it’s essential to understand what else is important for such candidates.

The next point is the analysis of the information you provide. When ordering our services, we ask our clients to provide information about their experience, skills, and academic background. This helps our resume helper to create a proper image of a person and define the advantages that can be used as a tool to reach the company. For example, if you have been working in the customer service, you definitely have great communication skill and can establish an understanding with anyone. For some jobs, this is one of the important requirements.

Next, we start to organize the information that you’ve provided us with. We define where to place your contacts, your skills, your personal characteristics, where to include your certificates, and how to organize your working experience.

In the end, our professional resume writers will do everything possible to create your perfect image and to explain why you are the best candidate for a certain position.

Can resume builders help you?

Most of our clients make the same steps prior to ordering our essay service. First, they start with creating a resume on they own. Sooner or later, they come to the conclusion that it takes too much time and even after all the research, they still do not understand how it should look and what to include here. Next, they try to make use of resume builders.

These services are rather popular as they seem to be the easiest way to create a resume. However, when you start to work with them, you understand that you still do everything on your own and what is more important, that your resume is just like thousands of other resumes that have been creating with the help of builders. You do remember that you need to stand out and it seems like nothing can help you with achieving that when you use a template.

Every single resume requires personal approach. Only in this way you can reach out to the companies. Thus, you need some advanced resume help and we will gladly offer you that.

Who will write my resume?

Our services presuppose that every single resume is written personally by a resume writer. It means that we do not use any software to write them. We cooperate with more than 500 writers who have already proved that they are qualified enough to provide this kind of service.

Moreover, our managers always control the work of our writers. When the resume is written, we check it for plagiarism to make sure that it is 100% unique. Today, this is important not only for the essays and dissertations but also for job applications.

Also, we proofread and edit every single resume. This service is included in the price so you don’t have to pay any additional fees.

You can always indicate your preferences to the resume writers who will work on your order. This information is provided when the total price of your order is calculated. For example, you may choose your order to be written by one of our top 10 writers. These are the real experts who have extensive experience in helping people reach out to the companies. They know for sure what will work for your resume and how to make it stunning. This choice if perfect for representatives of legal and financial industries and also for federal jobs, military service, and healthcare industry.

Also, you can select advanced writers. They are the professionals in their field and they create perfect resumes for any type of vacancy. If you want to save some money but do not want to risk the quality, choose regular writers. All of them are qualified to create resumes for the most popular fields, including IT, customer service, etc.

If you have previously ordered our resume services and were satisfied with the result, you can order a new cv from your previous writer.

Extra services you will enjoy with us

Our clients are of top importance for us. Thus, we try to offer you the full range of possible services. For example, we provide our customers with discounts. You will get the first one right after you create an account on our website. You will be able to apply the code for your first order. The next discount comes right after ordering your first piece of writing. This code will be available to use for any order that you will make in the future. Pay attention that to make use of your discount, you need to enter a code before you proceed to the checkout.

If you want to become our VIP client, we will gladly provide you with such a possibility. When creating your order, check the box ‘I want to order VIP customer service’ and you will enjoy the best customer treatment. You will always be in our top list of clients so if you send us a message, you’ll be the first one we will reply. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy SMS notifications when the status of your order is changed.

Is it difficult to make an order?

If you have already visited some of the websites that offer similar services, you have probably noticed that the process of ordering is too complicated. When creating our website, we tried to do everything we could to make the process of order placement as easy as possible and at the same time, to preserve all the important aspects.

The process will start after clicking Order Now button. Now, you need to fill a form that will help us understand what kind of service you want to order and other details.

Please make sure that you enter relevant contact information. We will use it to contact you concerning the status of your order.

Also, be precise with the details of your order. When you choose Resume in a drop-down menu, a couple of additional fields will automatically appear. For example, the job title. As we have already mentioned, our writers pay attention to this point as this helps us to understand what kind of a resume to create.

In the details of your order, tell as much information as possible about yourself. The must points that are to be included here are the following:

  • Your academic background. Please dwell upon the education that you have received. It will be nice to add here the school you’ve graduated from and the college or university that you’ve attended. This is a piece of information that our writers will not be able to investigate so make sure you put here truthful facts.
  • Your professional skills. If you speak some of the foreign languages, add this to your order. This information will increase your chances of getting a job significantly. Add some specific skills that you may have. Also, put here information about the software and applications you have been working with if it is relevant to the position you apply for.
  • Your previous working experience. If this is not your first job application, you have probably already worked somewhere. Indicate all your previous positions as it will give us a proper background in order to understand your personal qualities and some professional characteristics that we will add to your cv.
  • Certificates, awards, recognitions. If you are a real expert in your field, let us know that. For example, you can attach or write down the information about the certificates that you received. If you have attended some professional courses and trainings, this information is also important for creating your resume.

While thousands of candidates are still working on their resumes, you can enjoy job offers right now. We will become your resume help, contributing to your professional success. We do not care how much experience you have because we know that it is possible to create a stunning resume even for a person who has never worked before. If you are planning to quit a military service and give a try to federal jobs, we will work on your resume in such a way so as to highlight your strengths and prove that your previous military experience is a huge advantage that will help you find the job of your dream.

We believe that you do not need to spend hours and even days on developing your resume when a team of professionals can do that for you. Feel free to order your perfect resume now and enjoy dozens of job offers coming your way. Everything that is left to do is pass the interview successfully.

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